Dear Colleagues,

Our meeting “Photosynthesis Research for Sustainability – 2015” in honor of Dr. George C. Papageorgiou is over.

Thank you all for participation and contributions.

Please, see the news report from Photosynthesis Research about this event.

See you all in Pushchino, Russia, in 2016 at the next meeting "Photosynthesis Research for Sustainability – 2016in honor of Dr. Nathan Nelson and T. Nejat Veziroglu: http://photosynthesis2016.cellreg.org/



The conference was hosted in the Conference Center of the Orthodox Academy of Creta (OAC, http://www.oac.gr).


With best wishes and thanks, 

Sincerely yours, 

International Organizing Committee

The meeting was under the auspice of the Greek "General Secretariat for Research and Technology" (GSRT)




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